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Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

We took advantage of the recent dismal weather to re-decorate our hall and stairs but, after two weeks of rubbing down and re-painting 9 doors, we were glad to head out yesterday for a local walk in the sunshine.

PRE-LOCKDOWN BREAKS – Episode 2 – Shropshire Hills

Along The Shawl to Wensley

I was joined by Sharon, Yvonne and Brian for a walk along The Shawl from Leyburn.  Early snow showers improved to a sunny afternoon with great views from The Shawl on our way to Wensley. 


PRE-LOCKDOWN BREAKS – Episode 1 – Derwent Bank

Looking through some holiday photos from earlier in the year on a recent wet day made me think how lucky we were back in March to go on a couple of HF Holiday walking breaks just before lockdown.

Brompton Loop

Patrick organised two groups on the day the walking programme re-started after Lockdown 2.

These curious sheep greeted Yvonne and I at the end of a fine autumn day’s recce of my Barningham Moor walk.  Got to grab the fine days when they come along!

Kate Mountford

A Weekend in Weardale

I realise that we have been conspicuous by our absence since the lockdown, so I thought it was time I contributed something to the Section this year, if only in the form of a walk (or walks) report.

Downholme Loop 1 November 2020

Patrick sent a few photos from his blustery but sunny walk around the Downholme Loop.

Clay Bank Circular 11 October 2020

The day began in a very packed car park, presumably people getting out before the announcement of new Covid restrictions the following day.

Circuit of Harland Hill - 18 October 2020

The longest cul-de-sac in Britain (The Furness Peninsula)

Surrender Bridge and Old Gang Mines

Swinton Bivouac 24 September 2020

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