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Swaledale Outdoor Club's cycling section is a very active social cycling group of varying ability. We organise a programme of cycles rides, usually Wednesday and Saturday, between 30 to 70 miles, with a start point determined by the leader. This gives access to a wide range of fantastic countryside over the year. All our rides are social and include a cafe lunch stop and sometimes even a tea stop depending on the length of the ride and the condition of the cyclists! 

Rides are graded by an average speed as follows: D = 8-10 mph,  C = 10-12 mph,  B = 12-14 mph and A = 14+ mph. The terrain is classified as Flat = F, Undulating = U, or Hilly = H. This classification is subjective - one person's flat is another's undulating. It is rarely completely flat in North Yorkshire and this should be borne in mind. ‘Hilly’ usually means that we will be climbing a pass such as Buttertubs. We always stay together and don't intentionally leave anyone behind! If you are unsure about a ride description, ring the ride leader or contact the section organiser. 

Cycling in Swaledale

You are welcome to join two or three rides before deciding whether to join the Club. Cycling in a group, if you are not used to it, is different to cycling on your own. Let the ride leader know you are coming and they will introduce you to the group and keep you right! The group members are very supportive so come and give us a try.

Along with the regular published rides we have social events and occasional trips away. We are affiliated to Cycling UK.

As a member of SOC you may attend any of the activities from any section on the programme together with Club social events. Communication is via the cyclists mailing list with other information on the Club website.