Inaugural SOC Bake Off

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2016-11-29

The inaugural Swaledale Outdoor Club Bake Off was held in the clubhouse at the end of November as part of the Club's 50th anniversary celebrations. The mountain bike section has held an annual Cake Off for a number of years and earlier on in the year challenged other sections to an inter-section Bake Off - a number of heats were held and eventually the club's crack baking squad came together last Monday in the clubhouse for the final showdown. Members were invited along to taste and judge the cakes and after an hour of tasting and careful deliberation the winner was announced - Anne Wall for a magnificent chocolate cake in the shape of a pair of boots, a tour de force of baking! Judith Turner was second with a yummy sour cream and blueberry cake and Mel Sykes was third with a very impressive penny farthing shaped cake. The junior baking trophy was won by Lily Blanchard with a delicious sheep! Many thanks to all the bakers for their very tasty cakes and to Barbara Gravenor for organising a splendid event. Thanks also to Steve & Carol Charlton for their bar tending and James Gravenor for the entertainment.

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