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A birthday girl gets more than she bargained for!

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-02-14

On a spring like morning birthday girl Liz Corner blows out the numerous candles on her cake (thanks to Judith) before setting out on a Valentine's Ride from Hutton Rudby to Kildale

The group of 10 riders set out under blue skies with just a nip in the air, however within a few miles the skies darkened and faces were stung with heavy sleet showers. 

Masham to Nidderdale on Weds 10th February (GPX file available from Routes & Maps)

Posted by Graham Banks on 2016-02-14


January result for Fifty Shades of cafe

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-01-31

As promised the final results for the "Fifty Shades of Cafe " - thanks to the ride leaders for forwarding the results to me.

The first months overall lead cafe is "Thirsk Garden Centre" with a score of 29 out of 35 ! out of the nine we have visited so far.

Leaving us a mere 41 to visit in the coming months.


Ripon - Knaresborough 27 Jan 2016

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-01-29

Another rainy day but we're getting used to the wet this winter. Pauline, Peter, Yvonne, Berni, Jenny, James W, Barbara and I eventually came out from under the cover we had sought in Ripon Market Place and cycled a whopping 8 miles before seeking shelter again in Cafe Chez-Nous in Boroughbridge. As we only had drinks we didn't score the cafe but it does count towards our target of visiting 50 different cafes in this year of our 50th anniversary - a target which is looking increasingly easy. 

Fifty Shades of Cafe - latest update

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-01-27

For those of you that are wondering how your “carefully considered scores” are being tabulated, please see the latest results. Due to the diligent research selfishly carried out by your fellow cyclists we have seven reviews completed already and are well on the way to our initial fifty……and the first month of the year is not over!

The only omission is from the ride on 16th January and hopefully this will be included shortly. Further updates will be published over the coming weeks.

Carlton into Cleveland - 20 January

Posted by Graham Banks on 2016-01-21

Only six dared turn out for my programmed ‘hilly’ 30 miler, expecting to start straight up Carlton Bank.

I still have friends - Richmond to Leyburn 13 January 2016

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-01-14

I was surprised that 16 people came on my ride from Richmond to Leyburn. Some obviously hadn't heard about my ride to Sedgefield - voted by the participants as the worse ride of the year and possibly ever. Others are clearly very loyal friends who have forgiven me.

Piercebridge to Sedgefield 9 January 2016

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-01-11

This ride was voted the worse ride this year by my loyal followers (some said the worse ride ever). Nine people (Jenny, Berni, Steve, Peter B, Mark, Melanie, Chris, Barbara and I) turned up on a wet and foggy day to cycle through the beautiful landscape of the Durham pit villages to Sedgefield. I was accused of emotional blackmail in my email when I said that I didn't want to eat alone at No 4 tea room where I had booked a table. I had also said that if we didn't cycle on a relatively benign day (as forecast) then we might not get out until Spring.

6th January - The 1st Fifty Shades of Cafe - discussion!!!

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-01-07

An enthusiastic group of nineteen riders set out in two groups from Northallerton, Peter led a larger group around the undulating route of Borrowby, Siltons, Kepwick and on to Thirsk Garden Centre. Whilst Pauline led a select group via the romantic (according to James and Barbara) village of Cowesby to the same café.

Though grey skies were dominant the weather was kind and there was no rain and the ride finished in patchy sunshine. The roads were wet and in places muddy, typically pot holed and not always cyclist friendly.

Ride Leading for Dummies

Posted by Barbara Gravenor on 2015-12-01

Last Sunday I missed James's ride from Masham because I was attending a Ride Leader workshop in York, organised and run by the CTC. The people attending came from CTC groups or affiliated groups like the SOC. The aim of the workshop was to share ideas and knowledge on what makes a good group ride and how to lead one. A lot of useful information can be found on the CTC’s website, although some of it does not apply to our club, or maybe you think it should!!!