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Cumbria Sunday 24 August 2015

Posted by on 2015-08-26

Mark's meet, Cumbria, 24-Aug-15 by John Birtill

Crag Lough Sunday 8th August

Posted by on 2015-08-14

We all fitted in Phil's motor. Janet and Roriough (spelt wrong I know) and Harry and Ray and me. Amazingly for decent weather on a North facing crag we had Crag Lough to ourselves. It wasn't sunny but it was mild with not much wind. Harry and Ray climbed the HVS routes, Phil and Roriough VS and Janet and I Severes. We arrived at 11.30 am and left at 6.30 pm. It was a very good day.

Rylstone August 2nd 2015

Posted by on 2015-08-06

Forecast for the Dales was a light southerly breeze with some light rain showers until 9-ish, and then warm sunshine. North-facing Rylstone still seemed a reasonable bet, to me at any rate, but it was raining heavily shortly before I picked up Harry, Sandra and Ian. The showers continued as we made our way along the B6265, but stopped before we arrived at the Rylstone layby at 10.30. We decided to hike up and take a look anyway. Predictably, much of the rock was still damp. I followed Ian up President’s slab (3* V/H Diff).

Kyloe out the woods Sunday 26 July

Posted by on 2015-07-29

Phil, Louise and I went to Northumberland. The forecast was for rain at 4pm. Happily the rain held off until 5pm. We climbed a range of routes from Severe to HVS the latter being the 2 star Wilfred Pickles.


Language Gentlemen Please!

Posted by Phil Wadsworth on 2015-07-28

Language gentleman, please!


It was a miserable Sunday morning for a trip to Wharncliffe, but Ray assured Harry and I that the sun was going to come out at lunchtime, which it did. Sort of!

First climb of the day was Outside Route (S4a) which we all managed but only Ray was brave enough to do the death leap across the gap. Despite having the longest legs, Harry whimped out, and Sandra just whinged her way down the ‘easy’ descent.

Harry and Ray then chose to climb The Nose (VS4c) but this time they both whimped out of the death leap.

Stanage Sunday 12 July 2015

Posted by on 2015-07-17

Seven of us travelled to Stanage. We were worried about the lingering rain. In the end the weather stayed dry and perhaps kept other climbers away. Consequently it was very quiet for a Sunday. Harry and Tom climbed together. Harry knocked out eight HVS routes and Tom seven. Louise and I climbed as another pair. Louise breaking into VS for the first time. She led Central Trinity and Right Twin Crack. John B and Ian and Rob made up the seven. 


Desotation of Smaug!

Posted by Phil Wadsworth on 2015-07-07

Windmore Edge 17 June 2015

Posted by on 2015-06-18

Windmore lived up to it's reputation weather wise. Sandra had gloves on and I climbed in a down jacket. In total five of us braved the weather. Phil, Callum, Mick, Sandra and me. The highlight was Callum taking on the E3 Rebel Without a Pause. "The hardest VS I've ever done!" he said after Phil told him the VS was a metre further down the crag!




Piggot`s Stride

Posted by Phil Wadsworth on 2015-06-14

North Wales Easter

Posted by Phil Wadsworth on 2015-06-07

Climbing Meet-North Wales 22nd to 25th May


Once again the Spring Bank Holiday saw five SOC climbers heading to the Lincoln Club Hut at Deiniolen.The party consisted of Harry,Ray,Tom ,Phil and Janet.

Saturday dawned dry and bright so four of us headed for the pass while Tom headed off to meet a mate from LLanberis to hit slate and “The Desolation Of Smaug”