Previous Sea Trips

Diary of a Hungry Paddler

Posted by Anna Broadley on 2010-05-03

I went to Westy's straight from work but was very organised and took wash bag, towel and change of clothes. Ann was already there and getting loaded up and boats tied on.

We were all ready to set off at 5.15pm. We got to Port Appin 6 hours later after stopping in Glasgow for fish and chips and found a camping spot on a bit of wide verge by the side of the road. Snuggled up in my sleeping bags by midnight - what luxury, it's usually 2.00am !

We all met up at Port Appin and had got ourselves sorted and on the water for 11.00am.

Wight Wound Morvern

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2010-04-04

Easter, with two bank holidays, has always been a good time for longer sea trips, but it's early enough in the year that the weather is not always wonderful in Scotland. ... Those who didn't fancy the alternative trip south to the Isle of Wight, or who were too late to join, planned a trip to Scotland anyway. As the forecast materialised and the trip south was blown away on the winds of the English channel ...

Solo to Mull

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2010-03-10

The water levels for the planned North Wales whitewater weekend had been low, so several people decided that it was too far to go for a lack of rivers. This gave me the opportunity to set off a day early for a pre-booked trip to Scotland, but the avalanche forecast was enough to deter me from any attempt to venture up Munros, whilst inland fresh water was all frozen over, making boating impossible anywhere but on the sea. I'd once rashly promised never to paddle on the sea alone, but in conditions like these there really was no choice...

Wight Wound the Island

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-04-16

by Pete Bridgstock

Over the years we have got sick of being assaulted by rain, hail, snow and high winds at Easter, especially on Raasay. So when the idea of a return trip this Easter was mooted, we avoided eye contact, kept quiet, and made alternative plans!

Head south - that's what birds and old people do in winter, so it would do for us.

St. Abbs, Holy Island and the Farnes

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2008-06-09

by Pete Bridgstock

With some disbelief, I had watched the weather forecast for the weekend improve. Our planned trips to St. Abbs and the Farne Island have been dogged by bad weather for the past couple of years, but it looked like it might be different this time.

Northern Ireland at Spring Bank Holiday

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2008-05-31

by Pete Bridgstock

Heading back over the border into Northern Ireland, the weather started to improve.... Wednesday afternoon, we launched from Dunseverick, and headed east on the last of the flood tide to Carrickarade. This is where the famous rope bridge is set up high above the sea to give access for salmon fishermen to a small island. It’s a big tourist attraction, and it was entertaining to watch people very nervously crossing the bridge above us. Of course, hearing our conversation below caused them to look down…………

Kyle Rhea - again

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2008-05-06

by Pete Bridgstock

Wendy, Clive and I had paddled this area last year, but we wanted to have a return trip to explore the area some more. Three car loads of us met up at Glenelg on Saturday morning, and with remarkably little faffing, we were on the water good and early (by our standards). We headed south, intending to have a look into Loch Hourn, before camping in the Sandaig Island. Loch Hourn is noted as being subject to violent squalls, and whilst it didn’t quite deliver these, we had a hard slog into a cold headwind.

Sea kayaking, at 8000 feet above sea level ?

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2007-07-24

by Andy Waddington

Yellowstone National Park, ranging between 7000 and 10000 feet above sea level, is centred on one of the world's biggest calderas ... and certainly isn't the first place you'd think of to go sea kayaking!

Summer Sun in Lismore

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2007-07-08

by Pete Bridgstock

When you plan a sea trip in mid-July, it is probably not too optimistic to hope for a bit of sun and warmth, with balmy winds, oh, and dry... Let's just say that we were over optimistic.

Across to Arran and Bute

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2007-04-08

With a windy forecast, Andy & Mary Waddington, Johnny Proud, Richard Wormald, Claire Taylor, Gareth Brown, Gareth Carson and Paul Willett assembled at Largs Yacht Haven bar before camping overnight. Come Good Friday morning, the wind was a bit less than the last we'd set off from here four years ago, but it was against us.