Previous River Trips

An Open Boat Odyssey

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2004-12-18

Whanganui River

The logistics of canoeing trips in far flung places inevitably require some compromises, but having local outfitters supply boats and other gear does mean that you have some backup. We had arranged to hire two open boats and waterproof barrels for the four of us on a trip through the Whanganui River National Park in North Island, New Zealand.

Bonnie Scotland in January - where "white water" is for skiing on

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2004-01-18

Pete Bridgstock did all the organisation for this weekend, and his last pre-trip word on the subject was to suggest "that we take some walking kit for if the rivers are too low (ha!), or too high (more like it!)."

River Coquet - A Bit Of A Rock Bash With Some Good Bits

Posted by Richard Wormald on 2002-12-08

On the 8th December a group of seven pioneering canoeists ventured north up to Northumbria to have a go at paddling a new river to us all. The Coquet is one of those rivers that has come up in many conversations, but always seemed to be just too far away to run it as a convenient trip especially when water levels are good locally. Too little was known about the river, other than what is repeated in guidebooks and the odd rumour, to include it as a regular worthwhile river.