Previous River Trips

Neasham to Preston Park 35k (sorry Mark)

Posted by Ciaran Grogan on 2017-12-29

Pre-check of landing points and features for the open canoe series in the coming year, paddling between Neasham and Preston park to check put ins and navigation. Beautiful cold bright day. Ice in the shadows, gleaming water droplets in the sun. Instant temperature drop when we paddled into the shade, with a faint but distinct warming in the sunshine. The Tees still manages to cut quite a channel in places so you get a unique view of the habitat and architecture along the river.

Wednesday Paddle Croft to Neasham Sept 13th 2017

Posted by Penny Swaine on 2017-10-02

High levels forced us onto an easy section so a run down from Croft to Neasham today. Three kingfishers, lots of herons and several crocodiles cunningly disguised as logs. One tree strewn rapid needed portaging by some of the group though Alan, Emily and I got down okay. Very fast but would have been totally uneventful except half way down a police helicopter started circling us. It stayed with us to Hurworth when a police officer called us to the bank side.

Summer on the Tees

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2015-08-15

by Steve Land

We couldn't have really asked for more fortuitous weather: a solid day's rain on the Friday followed by a warm and sunny Saturday meant the levels were just about perfect for a jaunt on the upper Tees.

Dave Peel led a good sized pack of mixed ability paddlers with only a couple of late cancellations dwindling the numbers, but back injuries and broken toilets aside the magnificent seven were in good spirits and put in around 11 for an initial scrape leading to an early swim and rescue for newcomer James.

White Hot Heat of the Alps - 2015

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2015-07-31

Both Austria (two different bits) and France were visited by SOC paddlers this summer, but the Durance valley, camping at Argentière la Bessée was, as usual, the main event. The West, Adams, Waddington and Graystone families, and various individuals, (not all SOC members) Bill, Niki, Penny, Lisa and Richard, paddled over a two week or so period in late July which started with temperatures up to 40°C and didn't get much cooler except during brief storms.

River Ure, Ripon to Boroughbridge

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2015-04-24

by Helen Adams

Lucy (above) and Carwyn (below) on the Ure. Photos: Helen Adams

24/25th January 2015, North Wales

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2015-02-21

by Pete Ball

Friday evening and the bar at The Eagles was warm and welcoming and those who arrived late could only wonder at the detailed planning which must have taken place earlier on. Clive, Alex McHugh and I arrived after 9pm but James and Marie had driven up in the day and both Susie and Rich live an hour or so away. Alex and Rich discovered they were at uni together which meant they could drink faster than the rest of us and would doubtless paddle better!

Doon and Out to the Nith

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-11-16

Just ten years ago this coming Thursday, we were in Dumfries and Galloway looking for water. We were not having much success, but took a look at the River Doon, which is supposed to run on the compensation flow from the dam. We walked away, and found water in Carsphairn Lane which was being released from the other end of the dammed loch. We'd wasted so much time driving around that we finished that run in the dark, with ice forming on our buoyancy aids.

Big water days in Scotland

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-10-30

Four inches of rainfall was always going to provide interesting conditions for our first day on the water of a five-day half-term Scottish trip. Rivers were already tanking as we drove up on Saturday afternoon. By Sunday morning, the large number of boaters in the area seemed all to be driving round looking for anywhere un-scary enough to put on. We'd chosen a pretty tame bit of river - the Lower Orchy, but hadn't necessarily reckoned with the roads. Getting to the put-in was OK, but the river was certainly impressive.

River Ure easy paddle 2014-09-28

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2014-10-20

by Pete Ball

We met at Westwick Lock, which has a large grassy parking area. Environment Agency notices ask canoeists to use the jetties to get in and out of the river. However many of these are quite high and difficult for paddlers and at Westwick there's a beach which makes a much easier get-in.

Rivers are all running low because of the extended summer weather and it's still mild this morning on the last Sunday in September.

Club Camp - Troutbeck, Cumbria

Posted by Anna Broadley on 2014-07-20

Well, it’s not every year you get a weekend of good weather for club camp and although it rained on Saturday night, the days were dry, warm and sunny. Just right for a scramble up Blencathra for a large group of mixed ability and enthusiasm. Still the swim in the tarn on the way back down was ‘refreshing’ and enjoyed by many.

Scales Tarn, Blencathra