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Wainstones and Raven's Scar

15/06/2023 Climbing
Wainstones and Raven's Scar

Fantastic meet last night with great climbing by most and outstanding weather (if a little hot). A modest amount of ticks in the logbook and a frightening number of ticks up the legs, arms and ears.
Me and Arron met up early on the other side of the hill to go over some more trad techniques and go through the grades. At Wainstones he glided up the fantastic Wall And Ledge (VD) before taking on the foreboding Sphinx Nose Traverse (S 4a).
We then headed over to the programmed Raven’s Scar just in time to catch Dave and Mark topping out of Airlift (S 4a) after John’s great lead. Airlift was my goal of the night, though I wanted to do the variation start which is a similar grade though slightly harder. Unfortunately it spat me off after a bit of yo-yoing.
The rest of the group all did a lead each, with Mark characteristically trying to drag people up behind him, this week on Harlot’s Groove (HVS 5a). Whilst Dave chose En Passant (S 4b) and gratefully devoured John’s beta.
All the while Arron decided to step up another grade and take on the fantastic Forest Face (HS 4b) with relative ease. The bolt clipper completed his transition to trad dad in style.
Next week’s meet is Coudy or Castle Rock.
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