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Pool Sink to Wretched Rabbit

22/10/2023 Caving
Pool Sink to Wretched Rabbit

Nick, Pete and I enjoyed a very pleasant trip from Pool Sink to Wretched Rabbit, part of the Easegill system.

2 days after storm Babet, we were a little cautious about where to go. After a little discussion, we felt that Easegill would be a good choice as it's in the rain shadow if the wind is from the east. Pete and I had a chuckle about Nick's proliferation of bags (3 personal ones and the tackle sack with the ropes in). He proved us both wrong by rattling through the entrance crawls (a series of bends require a bit of contortion to get round and can provoke thought).

We abseiled the first pitch, then took a detour to see the formations in Magpie Grotto and nearby. A traverse over the second led to the alternative, immediately followed by the third and shortly after, the fourth.

We then followed the normal route to Holbeck Junction and the Main Drain to Stop Pot. After a bit of discussion, we opted for the Four Ways route into Wretched Rabbit. This is a very familiar passage, but has been closed for more than 2 years after the entrance collapsed. It was a joy to be reminded of the amount of effort required to exit this way, including the final rope climbs to the surface.

The 3½ hour trip felt just about right and we thought we'd earned our pint at the Barbon Inn.


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