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Nidderdale Gorge

04/10/2023 Canoeing
Nidderdale Gorge

An excellent day out paddling the Nidderdale gorge with 8 kayakers, 1 SUP and a tandem canoe…..a very good turn out. This is a lovely mellow section of river with lots of riffles, my size play waves, a couple of small ledges and trees - lots of trees! Most trees could be limboed and one taking up most of the river needed careful manoeuvring, but no major problems.
With the leaves beginning to drop we had the return of the kingfisher…easily a dozen spotted. This was on top of a rather fine sparrow hawk, a red kite, a buzzard, a solitary mandarin duck, lots of cormorants and herons. 
It was a great little trip with a very chatty cheery group….loved it!

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