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Coastal Kayaking

18/10/2023 Canoeing
Coastal Kayaking

We finally managed to get out on one of Penny's Wednesday paddles at right at the end of our summer holiday. I've paddled with Penny lots in the past, as far afield as Scotland and the French Alps, but all that was before covid and I haven’t seen her for ages so it was great to catch up and try something new. A paddle on the sea from South Shields to Marsden was a new experience and gave my mum and dad a chance to have a go in their sea kayaks- something that is new to them.

Kayaking along the coast is so enjoyable as a break from whitewater. I loved this particular route because it had plenty of caves and fun rocks to play around and keep you interested. It was really simple to just follow the coast line to the halfway point and have a nice little snack on the beach. It was the perfect trip to chit chat and relax with pretty scenery. The sun didn’t beat the sea fret, but it was warm and we met up with some paddle boarders for lunch.  We finished the trip with a cheeky ice cream- a common feature of a Penny trip !  

Isabel Dickinson age 13¾

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