Previous Trips

Blakey Ridge 15/16 October 2016

Posted by Judith Hallett on 2016-10-18
Cyclists arrived at Roots from Richmond, Northallerton and Darlington for a coffee stop before heading in a north easterly direction towards Hutton Rugby and  Ingleby Greenhow to Kildale for a lunch stop. Before arriving here there had already been two mechanicals - Johnny with a snapped chain and John with a puncture. Suitably refreshed we knew the cycling was now going to get harder as we headed into the North York Moors - our planned destination being the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge.

8th October - Old Barn, Balk led by Peter

Posted by Peter Bennison on 2016-10-08

Round 2 of Fifty Shades of Café is now underway….

The first visit of the second round of Fifty Shades of Café got underway as part of the published ride I led on Saturday October 8th.

Fourteen members joined me in Northallerton (James, Barbara, Bernie, Mark, Jill, Yvonne, Jenny, Richard, Keith, Judith, Ken, Steve, Lyn and Pauline) and we set off up Scholla lane and out towards Kirby Sigston passing a unicyclist!! (We offered reduced membership)

Cycle to Thixendale 2nd October 2016

Posted by James Gravenor on 2016-10-07

The last time I led a ride to Thixendale only 3 people came on it so I wasn't expecting a great turnout. To my surprise 14 people arrived at Coxwold including Judy and Keith who we haven't seen for some time. We had to jostle for parking with the local football team and the Stcokton ramblers.

East Layton - Wednesday 21st led by Richard

Posted by Richard Wright on 2016-09-25
The unlucky number of 13 left East Layton, at the appointed hour.  The bad luck had already happened by then as we would have been 15 but John and Maura's car was hit by a tractor emerging from a field on the way to the village.  Thankfully no injuries but the car and one o

A rainy ride led by Bob - 3rd September

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 2016-09-04
Bob led a ride from Cockerton Green, a group of 9, with Anne, Mark, Ken, James, Barbara, Yvonne, Jenny and myself. The rain arrived earlier than expected about half an hour into the ride,
so that unlike myself, those who'd thought to bring over-trousers stopped to get kitted out.

Jill's hilly 80 miler complete with sausage sandwiches!! Wednesday 31st August

Posted by Jill Armstrong on 2016-08-31

Me, Jenny and John Hallet started from the bike centre today and Peter Trewby joined us from Leyburn. 7400ft of climbing so quite hilly but we all made it up the hills despite the head wind going up Coverdale.

Stopped for lunch at Corner House cafe in Grassington, my favourite for large sausage sandwiches - see photo.

The main photo is us at the top of Greenhow Hill. Got back quite late didn't have time for a second cafe stop - with the benefit of hindsight should have started earlier.


Jill Armstrong

Cycle Ride 14th August - It was an excellent field and the grass was as good as we could hope it to be!

Posted by Mark Thorogood on 2016-08-26
We met at The Mowden Pub in Darlington on Sunday, where it was a lovely day. John D, Brian, Berni, Judith, Jenny and Mark set off at 10.00 (nearly). We went to Houghton le side, where we stopped for a few minutes to admire the view,lovely.

A North Yorks E2E – Weds 24th August

Posted by Graham Banks on 2016-08-24

Fortunately a lovely warm sunny day for an easy but lengthy Easby to Easby ride.

Steve Charlton’s 30 mile ride from Richmond Wednesday 17th August

Posted by Steve Charlton on 2016-08-17

10 riders joined Carol and Steve at the Station in Richmond for coffee prior to the ride to Leyburn. Carol could not join us as she was still recovering from tendonitis.


We set off on the cycle path to Catterick Garrison and then onwards through Scotton and we all enjoyed the long descent to the Patrick Brompton crossroads.
The weather was warm with no wind, ideal conditions for a late summer ride. We carried on to Newton le Willows and along the country lanes to Harmby. Lunch was taken at Penleys in Leyburn.


A ride up to Preston under Scar - 7th August - led by Pauline

Posted by Pauline Bennison on 2016-08-07

Once again the sun shone on the righteous as Peter, Mike, Liz, Jenny, John H, Judith, John D, Pete, Ken, Mark, Bernie, Glenys, Paul, Barbara, Yvonne & I set off from Bedale heading West towards East Witton.
 Spookily Barbara had a puncture in exactly the same place she’d had her last puncture over a year ago. Two knights in lycra (Paul & John H) stayed behind to assist while the rest of us sauntered on.
As to be expected by some the 3 fastest cyclists on the ride, they soon caught us up.