Previous Trips

Staindrop 28th October or "don't go to Barnard Castle if you are having an affair"

Posted by Yvonne Armitage on 1 November 2015
Thank goodness only one intrepid person, Peter Trewby, turned up and he was already expected. Peter kindly agreed that the forecast was too bad to make the planned route over the moors to Weardale worth doing. As it was not quite raining at this point we decided to go through to Egglestone then along the main road to Barnard Castle where we stopped for tea and cake. We bumped into Sue Fielder at the cafe which prompted Peter to remark that it would be impossible to have an affair without being caught out!

Jill’s “Undulating” Ride to the lovely Lowther Castle

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 28 October 2015

Wednesday 21 October 2015: Jill, John, Jenny, Yvonne & Berni

Gentleman John kindly gave Berni a lift to Kirkby Stephen, where we missed the turning to the car park and subsequently found somewhere further down the main street. We had called out to the three early birds, (Jill, Jenny and Yvonne) as we drove past them whilst looking for a place to park. They later told us that the car park would be full now, because a tup auction was taking place that day. Yvonne added that we could sell John as a tup! (The remainder of that conversation has been omitted for decency).

A Tale of Two Glenyses 25 October 2015

Posted by Graham Rogers on 27 October 2015

Tale of Two Glenys-es (and almost Two Cities)

(Glenys R, Graham R, Glenys, James,  Barbara, Ron, Pat, Bob, Anne , Tricia, Alan, Anne L, Graham M, Mick, Richard, Bella & Bernadine)

September Rides

Posted by James Gravenor on 6 October 2015

September began with a ride on Wednesday 2nd from Masham to Pateley Bridge. I led from the back whilst Paul, Graham, William and Jenny disappeared into the distance.

The following Wednesday instead of the planned ride from Dent, I led a ride from Richmond to Archers Ice Cream.

On Thursday 10th September seven of us cycled from Appleby to the top of Hartside Pass to see the Tour of Britain. It was a magnificent day, a ride through beautiful countryside, and an exciting finish to the race.

Brian’s Tour of Two Dales

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 4 October 2015

Brian’s Tour of Two Dales with Ten Riders (20.09.15)

(Brian, Paul, Roly, Mick, Terry, James, Val, Tony, Tim & Berni)

It was a cool bright September Sunday when nine people gathered at Nun’s Close – and then Tony arrived so I had to take another photo as evidence that he was with us!

Scorton Ride 16th September 2015

Posted by Yvonne Armitage on 16 September 2015

Mick, Jenny and Yvonne left Scorton in the direction of Moulton and Mid Tyas. Yvonne had passed James mending a puncture near Brompton on Swale and,after a phone call, arranged for him to catch us up on the route somewhere on the way to Croft. Unfortunately James took a different route through Mid Tyas while Jenny was putting her chain back on and managed to arrive in Croft ahead of the small group. We eventually met up in Hurworth and shortly afterwards found Liz and Judith who were coming in the opposite direction from Brompton in order to make a shorter ride.

Jenny’s Hilly Ride from Reeth to Askrigg 5 August 2015

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 28 August 2015
Riders: Jenny, John, Graham, Jill, Mike & Liz, Bernadine
Although initially put off by the hilliness, I thought I would give this ride a go and was more inclined to do so on the basis that two people similar to my capability had said they would be going. In the event, they didn’t attend  (mentioning no names, except to say that M and D know who they are and I don’t mean my Mummy and Daddy!) Looking at the field of riders, therefore, I knew I would always be number seven!

Martin's Memorial Ride - Bransdale Loop - Saturday 25 July 2015

Posted by Lyn Rogers on 14 August 2015

Thirteen of us met at the Ryeburn Ice Cream Parlour in Helmsley for a 30 mile (hilly) ride around Bransdale Loop.  The group included Liz, Paul, Anth, Mike and Liz, Berni and Bella, Peter, James and Barbara, Jenny, Lyn and Steve.  It was an excellent turn out for such a memorable day much of which was spent cursing, no no -  remembering Martin and the lovely hills he liked to cycle.  Bransdale was a favourite ride of Martin's and we soon began to realise why!

Liz's Ride Wednesday 15 July 2015 Roots Café to Fletcher's Farm Cafe, Little Ayton

Posted by Bernadine McDonald on 29 July 2015

Seventeen riders set off as a group from Roots café, but the chain was soon broken, literally! The gang became strung out after Liz went up the bank through Hutton Rudby and her chain broke.

I won't make any puns about the missing link amongst us, suffice to say that Barbara went ahead, calling out for a chain link extractor. Vic called out from behind the hedge as she went past "I've got one" but his boasts went unheard. (He also made his trademark comment at a later point, "you're not here to enjoy yourselves").  

22 July 2015 Brough - Alston

Posted by on 27 July 2015

Seven cyclists turned up to join me at Brough for a long and hilly wednesday ride circumnavigating Cross Fell. After  a gentle start through the Westmorland villages via Appleby, the ride got a bit more strenuous with the delights of the climb up Hartside, the fast downhill to Alston, a climb over Yad Moss, another fast downhill to Middleton in Teesdale, and a climb up past the reservoirs over Shot Moss and back downhill to Brough.