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Out and about in Wensleydale 4 September 2021

Posted by Jennifer Fitzgerald on 2021-09-04

Out and About in Wensleydale

Twelve of us set off from West Witton on Wednesday, walking up Langthwaite Lane to have coffee at an outcrop below Penhill with an expansive view of Wensleydale.  We then dropped down to have a look at the ruins of the twelfth-century Knights Templar Preceptory.  After crossing the A684 we took Stony Stoop Lane for a pretty walk along the River Ure, stopping for lunch at the picturesque falls opposite Redmire Force.  Warm sunshine broke out as we returned across a range of limestone hummocks to West Witton.

Jennifer & Mark

Skeeby & Gilling West 12 August 2021

Posted by Richard Wright on 2021-09-04

Ten of us met up at the car park in front of the closed Travellers Rest pub, though not before some awkward manoeuvring into the limited space available.  Before setting off I took the opportunity to explain the current well-advanced plans to buy and re-open the Travellers as a community pub.  A sale has now been agreed and is going through with the help of a £50k Community Investment Fund grant from Richmondshire District Council.  For more information, or even to buy shares: see

Hay Meadows in Walden 4 July 2021

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2021-07-05

Hay Meadows in Walden 4 July 2021

Five of us (Barbara C, Helen, Brian, Ron and I) joined Ann L for a walk from West Burton that was added to the programme at short notice.  The forecast had improved but rain showers expected mid-afternoon so we set off feeling optimistic although the sky was a bit grey.

We headed out of the top of the village and were soon climbing over Newbiggin Pasture towards Walden.  There was a short stretch along the road where we had to slow our pace to that of the flock of sheep being moved from their pasture to what looked like a “sorting pen”.

Muker & Oxnop Gill 17 June 2021

Posted by Steve Charlton on 2021-06-28

Muker & Oxnop Gill  17 June 2021

On occasion, everything comes together to create a perfect walking day.  This was one of those days.

A Wander in Wensleydale 6 June 2021

Posted by Ian Stevenson on 2021-06-12

A Wander in Wensleydale

10 club members assembled in Leyburn market place for the walk led by Brian.  The forecast was cloudy with possible rain later in the day; how wrong they were.

We set off down towards St Matthew’s church where we turned right and over the railway making our way to the field path down to the Middleham road where we crossed onto a lane leading past the Christmas tree farm, admiring the various types.  Some of us started to remove layers, as the sun was out and getting hotter.

Sunbiggin Tarn 3 June 2021

Posted by Yvonne Armitage on 2021-06-07

Sunbiggin Tarn

Tunstall Reservoir Thursday 6 May 2021

Posted by Trevor Thurlow on 2021-05-08

Tunstall Reservoir Thursday 6 May 2021

Nine walkers joined Graham and me for a walk from Wolsingham taking in the scenic delights of Weardale - an area seldom visited by the section.

A short walk in Wensleydale 25 April 2021

Posted by Richard Wright on 2021-05-08


A fine, dry day.  Not unusual for April this year, but also, with almost constant sunshine, warmer than much of the month.  So, a very enjoyable stroll for just 5 of us: Ann Luxmoore, Jennifer and Mark Fitzgerald as well as Gwyneth and myself.

Geoff Harker Memorial Walk April 2021

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2021-04-30

Geoff Harker Memorial Walk April 2021

The annual walk led by Brian in memory of his brother Geoff has become a highlight of the Spring calendar for the walking section as it combines a pleasant walk followed by a convivial afternoon tea in Low Row village hall.  This walk from Surrender Bridge was a particular favourite of Geoff’s.

Last year the walk had to be cancelled along with the whole SOC programme as the country started the battle against Covid-19.  This year, with the latest lockdown easing, the walk was able to go ahead but we had to forego the refreshments.

Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2021-02-12

Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

We took advantage of the recent dismal weather to re-decorate our hall and stairs but, after two weeks of rubbing down and re-painting 9 doors, we were glad to head out yesterday for a local walk in the sunshine.

The weather was glorious, positively alpine with a cloudless blue sky, powder snow underfoot and not a breath of wind.  We walked a local route that became a favourite during last year’s Spring lockdown but everything looks different under a blanket of snow.