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Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2021-02-12

Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

We took advantage of the recent dismal weather to re-decorate our hall and stairs but, after two weeks of rubbing down and re-painting 9 doors, we were glad to head out yesterday for a local walk in the sunshine.

The weather was glorious, positively alpine with a cloudless blue sky, powder snow underfoot and not a breath of wind.  We walked a local route that became a favourite during last year’s Spring lockdown but everything looks different under a blanket of snow.

Pre-lockdown March 2020 - Shropshire Hills

Posted by Richard Wright on 2021-02-07

PRE-LOCKDOWN BREAKS – Episode 2 – Shropshire Hills

Just into the New Year, I finally committed to getting back to walking with SOC by volunteering to help Ann Luxmoore by leading a second group on her walk on 7 Jan.  Of course, as soon as I did so, Boris put an immediate stop to such activities with the start of the current lock-down.  So, unable to write a report on a walk which didn’t take place, instead here’s the second episode of my reports on our HF holiday breaks just before the first lock-down last March:

Along The Shawl 3 January 2021

Posted by Frank Broughton on 2021-01-08

Along The Shawl to Wensley

I was joined by Sharon, Yvonne and Brian for a walk along The Shawl from Leyburn.  Early snow showers improved to a sunny afternoon with great views from The Shawl on our way to Wensley. 


Walkers donate their Christmas lunch

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-12-15

December 2020

Along with many other businesses and societies this year, we were unable to meet up for our traditional Christmas lunch.  As an alternative, SOC walkers, decided to collect whatever people might have spent on their meal and to make a donation to StoreHouse, the foodbank serving the local Swaledale area run by the Influence Church.  Kate kindly co-ordinated the collection and the photo shows Suz Gregory of StoreHouse accepting our donation of £515.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Pre-lockdown Breaks 1 - Derwent Bank March 2020

Posted by Richard Wright on 2020-12-15

PRE-LOCKDOWN BREAKS – Episode 1 – Derwent Bank

Looking through some holiday photos from earlier in the year on a recent wet day made me think how lucky we were back in March to go on a couple of HF Holiday walking breaks just before lockdown.

Snowy Adventure from Hawes 6 December 2020

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-12-08

Snowy Adventure from Hawes

Brompton Loop 3 December 2020

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-12-08

Brompton Loop

Patrick organised two groups on the day the walking programme re-started after Lockdown 2.

Autumn Recce Barningham 19 November 2020

Posted by Kate Mountford on 2020-11-21

These curious sheep greeted Yvonne and I at the end of a fine autumn day’s recce of my Barningham Moor walk.  Got to grab the fine days when they come along!

Kate Mountford

A Weekend in Weardale 23-25 October 2020

Posted by Richard Wright on 2020-11-09

A Weekend in Weardale

I realise that we have been conspicuous by our absence since the lockdown, so I thought it was time I contributed something to the Section this year, if only in the form of a walk (or walks) report.

Downholme Loop 1 November 2020

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-11-05

Downholme Loop 1 November 2020

Patrick sent a few photos from his blustery but sunny walk around the Downholme Loop.

Sadly, this was the last walk before suspension of the walk programme because of the national lockdown introduced on 5 November.  All being well, walks will resume on 3 December and, by happy coincidence, it will fall to Patrick to re-commence the programme with his Brompton Loop walk.  Further announcements will be made via the Walkers Google Group.