Wet West Paddlefest 2012 - Scottish Whitewater

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-05-11

Three river trips during the 2012 WWPF - Pattack, Moriston and Orchy, with the Waddington family and three friends. Levels were on the low side on Friday 31st August (Pattack), the Moriston was at its normal dam-release level on Saturday 1st September and the Orchy was higher than I'd paddled it before, but not massive on Sunday 2nd September.

Uganda 2012 - Kayaking the White Nile

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-05-11

July 2012 on the Nile in Uganda, three sections of river, plus park'n'play. A fantastic destination for a family holiday, especially if you have folk like Lowri Davies (Flow Free) and Dave Brown to fish out the occasional swimmer, but also a fabulous river of warm water to perfect your roll.

SOC Easter in North Wales 2013

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2013-04-04

SOC ride over the hills above Conway.

River Tees Abbey Rapids

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-03-14

Inspired by Mark Rainsley's "Ode to a river" thread on UKRGB. Footage from many trips combined to show this classic bit of grade three water at a variety of levels, including elegant descents, some good eddy grabbing and an inevitable smattering of carnage. Music credited track by track (I know you all hate watching endless credits and titles...) and paddlers at the end. Thanks to all who have paddled on the Tees with me and remember to stay upright if I'm filming ;-) Runs are labelled with the date and approximate level from the Barnard Castle weir EA gauge - not always easy to get an accurate figure when the river is rising or falling sharply and I've had to make adjustments for anomalous readings whilst the weir is being rebuilt.

River Coe - Low Water

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-01-31

The Coe only runs when it's raining (hence the video quality which isn't brilliant) and typically blowing a gale too, as it was on this day. We paddled the Coe whilst waiting for the Orchy to come up, and were off the water before eleven as it is only a short trip, even with a big group.