SOC in Scotland May 2013

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2013-09-08

Swaledale Outdoor Club ride Skye and Torridon (and a few other places).

Whitsundale Beck with the Swale at 1.2m

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-08-18

The classic spate situation, recent heavy rain on already melting snow, meant that the Upper Swale was fairly chunky, reading 1.2m on the Park Bridge gauge. This was enough to bring the tributaries up too, so we ran Whitsundale Beck from high on the moor, leading to a confluence not far downstream from the usual Upper Swale put-on. We then continued down, some choosing to portage Rainby, and two getting off at Catrake. Unfortunately, Dave and Anthony, who you see running Catrake at the end of this video, assumed that I was getting off too, and headed on down to Kisdon. Since I wasn't happy running after them on my own, I too had to retreat at that point, so there's no video of Upper Kisdon this time - sorry! The video was shot with two GoPro Hero 3, on helmet and boat, with bank footage taken on a Canon 600D. Edit, as usual, was with kdenlive on Linux - current set-up is Kubuntu Raring.

Langthwaite Evening Ride May 2013

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2013-08-16

A Swaledale Outdoor Club evening ride from Langthwaite, May 2013.

SOC Ride Helvellyn & High Street May 2013

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2013-08-16

The Swaledale Outdoor Club ride Helvellyn and High Street, May 2013.

Oughtershaw Beck to the Upper Wharfe

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2013-06-18

Oughtershaw is the other tributary to the Upper Wharfe, joining Greenfield Beck (seen in an earlier video) at Beckermonds. On this trip, Greenfield hadn't come up yet (its catchment is longer and more forested), but Oughtershaw looked a nice level for a first run (none of us had paddled it before). It's not easy to catch as it needs to be very wet (all our more usual spate rivers were off their tits - the Greta well over 1.2m, for example), so an opportunity not to be missed! By the time we hit the confluence, having been quite careful with lots of scouting (and two portages for a fence and a tree), Oughtershaw was already starting to drop, but Greenfield was now well up and coloured, so the Wharfe was a decent level and we made pretty fast time down to Hubberholme.