SOC Ride Gunnerside

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2014-06-21

A summer evening's ride in Swaledale

SOC Hit Bike Park Wales

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2014-06-21

Mark's great video showing some of the fifteen SOC members who spent a wet day at Bike Park Wales near Merthyr Tydfil doing lots of riding and having lots of fun.

River Rawthey at low-medium level

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-05-19

We've had the Rawthey on our "hit list" for several years, but it's hard to catch, especially when you (and your paddling mates) are committed to scheduled club trips, holidays away and so on, and the British weather is so fickle. Since it's so long since anyone we know has actually run the river, we needed to field a strong group able to read and run on whatever the river threw at us. Several times we've missed the chance either by being elsewhere or by not having good enough weather forecasts long enough ahead to organise a trip. Finally, in February 2014, we managed to field a strong enough group in wet enough weather to catch it while it was still up.

Upper Swale at 0.65m 2014-04-06

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-05-19

Our second river of the day. Having already been over to Sedbergh with a view to paddling the Rawthey, we ended up on a falling Lower Clough before heading back to Swaledale to be pleasantly surprised to find the Park Bridge gauge still reading 0.65m - a fairly unintimidating level for Alex's first run. I'd only run this in my old H2 before (now split) and have only done a few trips in the Stomper (previously Michael's boat), so it was an interesting comparison. Michael has a new Tuna, and this was about his third day out in it, so also a new experience for him.

Lower Clough - low water 2014-04-06

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-05-19

Water levels were lower than we'd hoped - the plan had been to paddle the Rawthey, but as the rain had stopped, this was already dropping off. The lower Clough, however, still had enough water to cover the indicator rocks at the put-in, so we went for it whilst there was still water. The level proved to be quite adequate, though by no means pushy...