Neil's Evening Ride From Reeth, June 2015

Posted by Sarah Bridge on 2015-06-19

Lower Orchy at 3 metres

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-11-20

We'd last paddled the Lower Orchy two years ago when the gauge was at 1m, and we'd found the Middle Orchy looked a bit big for our taste. At this level, the roads are fine, the river big and bouncy. After four inches of rain in 24 hours, parts of the road were knee deep in water (it was officially closed by the time we went to retrieve our shuttle vehicle, which was exciting in itself) and the river was at 3 metres, providing us with waves (but not weather) reminiscent of the Nile. One big rapid was hidden beyond inspection by an island, so we chose to paddle a side channel instead. The river continued very fast right down to Loch Awe, where paddling a submerged forest was the best way to keep out of the wind as we headed for the ruined castle (very appropriate as we approached Halloween!).

Fassfern in low water

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-11-19

Although the Ailort was still big, we only just caught the Fassfern (An t-Súileag) as it dropped off later the same day. Michael and Lowri ran Tango (the grade 5- triple-stepped drop at the top) whilst Andy joined them for the rest of the run.

River Ailort

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-11-18

Somewhat off the beaten track on the road to Mallaig, the Ailort is a worthwhile river to do when levels are stupidly high, or dropping off from that. It's lake fed so does retain its water for some time, as on this trip, two days after a four-inch deluge. Although only 2 km long, it felt a lot more substantial than that !

Austria: River Sanna

Posted by Andy Waddington on 2014-11-18

Probably our favourite river from the Inn Valley trips - the Sanna is a consistent grade 3 or so and can be enjoyed over an afternoon, or blasted in half an hour to give time for another run, and another ...

The video is made up of footage from two people's headcams (Andy and Sarah), over five trips on our 2013 trip.