A walk in sunny Teesdale 19 March 2020

Posted by Graham Moss on 2020-03-23

There were 13 lucky souls out to enjoy the sunshine in Upper Teesdale.  Starting from Middleton in Teesdale, a climb up to Middleside where we wondered at the exposure of the Whinsill outcrops above Holwick and the views to upper Teesdale, with Crossfell and the Dufton radar dome highlighted with streaks of winter snow.  Descending into Newbiggin to note the old chapel and its conversion to a home we had a pleasant break before the steep climb in to Red Groove.  Further up Coldberry Gutter we admired the power of water hushing and miners labours to create the huge cutting through the hillside.  Descending down to Hudes Hope beck through numerous mine workings following the beck to the Limestone Quarry and kilns, where lime was produced on an industrial scale, the track returned us to Middleton.  Sorry we could not conclude with refreshments due to Coronavirus fears but 8 miles was a pleasant walk in the sunshine.

Graham M

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