Walk From Boltby

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-06-13

I suspected that the weather prospects, together with post marathon fatigue, may put people off walking, but was quite surprised to meet Linda & Bob, Adrian and Jon, the weather looked quite awful as I drove out to Boltby, and was surprised to see that anyone had turned out at all. But, lo and behold, as we sent out across the fields toward Tang Hall, (with it’s nearby moated enclosure), the weather gradually started to improve, so much so that by the time we had reached Southwoods Hall it was an entirely different day.

From here our route carried on to Southwoods Lodge, and then to tranquil Goremire Lake where the eleven o’ clock coffee stop was taken. We then continued by Goremire Farm, to the A170 and turned west along the road, then south to Hood Grange. Here we came across the farmer attending to a very young calf that had developed pneumonia. He did however express confidence, that, after giving it an injection of antibiotics, it would soon be up and well.

Having passed through Hood Hill Plantation along the forest trail, we were soon at the White Horse steps and up to the top of the escarpment, where we stopped for lunch, with magnificent views over the plain below. Off again along the escarpment, around the glider station, to cross the A170 at the top of Sutton Bank, then following along Sutton Brow, Whitestone Cliff and past Hill Fort Windypit to High Barn, where we descended down “the zig zags” and crossed the low ground back to Boltby.

By four o’ clock we had completed our 12 mile walk which all had enjoyed, and I headed off to another event – James’ 60th birthday party at the clubhouse, which was made even more enjoyable by the fact that food was being served just as I arrived!!

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