Travellers' Rest Skeeby 4 January 2018

Posted by Gwyneth Wright on 2018-01-04

Travellers' Rest Skeeby

"Six of us (Richard, Gwyneth, Caroline, Fiona, Dave, Frank and dog ) braved the heavy rain, on Thursday 4th January  to do a short 4 mile easy walk from Skeeby via a new permissive footpath from Olliver Cottages  to Oliver Duckett , avoiding the Gilling Road. We then progressed  to Easby, where we had our coffee break, sheltering in the church porch. Wet, but not disheartened (as it was quite mild and we were all dressed appropriately)  we returned to Skeeby via St Trinian's  and completed the walk by 12.30pm.  Just in time for dinner! "


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