Swinton Bivouac 24 September 2020

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2020-09-27

Swinton Bivouac 24 September 2020

Geoff Wall's walk and Jill Wiseman kindly led a second group including new member Alan. This is a walk which will appeal to the lovers of moorland vistas. The weather was surpringly kind in the sense that it threatened to be far worse. We did not complete the full route as intended. Pace and time would not allow for that. Even so, when we arrived back at the Bivouac Geoff's group had already scoffed their scones and tea and departed. Had to have my usual post-walk pint but at £5 a bottle I won't be hurrying back. Still, I was quite impressed with the facilities offered by the site.

Just finished the following Sunday walk led by Yvonne starting from Marsk and taking in Cordilleras (incidentally one of the best late eighteenth/early nineteenth century farms with covered yard you are likely to see), dropping down the delightfully named Dicky Edge, along the beck to Helwith and its equally stunning manor house with the return back to Marsk. "This was real" as Yvonne would say. Superb landscapes draped in early autumn sunshine. It was one of those walks which is sad when it comes to its end. Just a delight every step of the way made even more delightful by the companionship of five lovely ladies.

Now I shall have my pint.



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