Swaledale 3 May 2012

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-05-11


   Swaledale 3 May 2012

Thursdays always bring out a sizeable group of walkers. It has something to do with the weather, time of year and location; but it is not insignificant that many group members are 'retirees' and, to be out walking on Thursday rather than at work, adds that something special. Here is one member of SOC celebrating her first Thursday outcoming as a celebration of her liberation. I am sure you enjoyed the event, Yvonne!! Many more to come.


The walk itself is more of an eight mile stroll through some of the best scenery The Dales has to offer and nothing betters Swaledale. The route will be familiar to many. From Reeth it follows a course past the school and onto the medieval 'cultivation terraces' which are probably the best examples of their kind that you are likely to find.The path then follows a route above Healaugh, over Dagger Stones and down into the delightful Barney Beck which is a remnant of ancient Dales woodland.From there the path leads across to Hilltop and descends down to Low Row via Peat Gate Head. Low Row offered an opportunity for lunch and, for some, a chance to sample what The Punch Bowl has to offer.


Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

Nice lunch. Nice beer. The return leg crosses the river at Isles Bridge to follow the green lane, past Scabba Wath Bridge, up the tarmac road for half a mile before dropping down to the river bank and an easy stroll into Reeth by way of the suspension bridge. The usual theory class then took place at the Kings Head. Another lovely day's walking and many thanks to Glenys who suggested and led the walk.

low row

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