Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2021-02-12

Sunshine and Snow 11 February 2021

We took advantage of the recent dismal weather to re-decorate our hall and stairs but, after two weeks of rubbing down and re-painting 9 doors, we were glad to head out yesterday for a local walk in the sunshine.

The weather was glorious, positively alpine with a cloudless blue sky, powder snow underfoot and not a breath of wind.  We walked a local route that became a favourite during last year’s Spring lockdown but everything looks different under a blanket of snow.

We headed to Easby via the old quarry at St Trinians and then over the fields to Broken Brea and along the old railway line to the outskirts of Brompton-on-Swale.  Our return took us along the track from Old Maids Farm past the almost frozen fishing lake to Union House and then across the fields (which are destined to be covered in solar panels) back home in time for lunch.

Pat Kassell

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