A Sparkling Day in Wensleydale 24 February 2019

Posted by Jane McLennan on 2019-02-27

A Sparkling Day in Wensleydale

Sunday’s walk was lead by the intrepid Brian – not wearing his trademark Wellington boots in deference to the unseasonally warm weather last weekend. Twelve of us [plus the tireless Arthur] gathered at Wensley Bridge for a circular walk to Aysgarth Falls. A walk anywhere in the Dales would have been hard to beat last Sunday with dry conditions underfoot and the fresh green of the hills and fields as far at the eye could see and the spectacular Aysgarth Falls glittering in the spring sunshine. The route took us through Wensley Park, past Bolton Hall to Redmire. Keeping Bolton Castle in the near distance to our right we walked parallel to the disused railway to the Falls.  After a short tour around St Andrews Churchyard to visit the tombstone of the centenarian happy couple [it is hoped they were happy] Mr and Mrs Davies who died at 106 and 103 years respectively and the memorial plate for ‘Deaf Jack’ who was inexplicably buried under a large tree along the path to the church door, the return to Wensley Bridge allowed us to amble along the ancient fields nudging the banks of the River Ure. No one was foolish enough to try to cross the river on the gnarled old stepping stones that were above water level although it looked temptingly possible… Brian had billed the walk as 11 miles of moderate walking. The combined GPS/walking apps of the group brought the trip in at anywhere from 12 to 13 miles but no matter how far it was, it was a SOC gem! Thank you Brian.

Jane McLennan

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