Somewhere over the rainbow.... 22 October 2020

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2020-10-26

Thoralby Round

My faith in the Met Office has totally evaporated. Their forecast for this particular day was looking very promising and the day started like that - until we got close to Thoraby. This round of c.8 miles has all the hallmarks of being a good walk. It starts with a steady climb north-westwards from the village joining Flout Moor Lane which then leads upwards on to Flout Moor. This is a wild stretch of moorland which offers no protection against a strong headwind and drenching drizzle. Such were the somewhat unpleasant conditions at an altitude which we were informed offered a view down on Addlebrough; except we unfortuantely did not have a view through the thick moorland mist. Part of the higher reaches required a bit of navigation across the moor and I am sure that we were all very glad that Caroline was familiar with the route. We had every confidence. The return is via the long Haw Lane track. But as we descended the weather improved to give spectacular views of Wensleydale through the arc of equally stunning rainbows. That last half hour compensated for the endurance test of the high moor. A good walk but choose the right day according to your own intuition rather than the seductive assurances of the Met. Office.

Thanks again to Yvonne and Caroline for making the walk possible.



P.S. Never crossed the threshold of the George Inn. That must be a first.

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