Skeeby & Gilling West 12 August 2021

Posted by Richard Wright on 2021-09-04

Ten of us met up at the car park in front of the closed Travellers Rest pub, though not before some awkward manoeuvring into the limited space available.  Before setting off I took the opportunity to explain the current well-advanced plans to buy and re-open the Travellers as a community pub.  A sale has now been agreed and is going through with the help of a £50k Community Investment Fund grant from Richmondshire District Council.  For more information, or even to buy shares: see

The walk took us out of the village heading North West across fields including one which – very inconsiderately – had been ploughed just the day before.  Fortunately this was no major obstacle as the ground was dry and not deeply ploughed.  We crossed Gilling Road at Laneside Farm and took the track opposite (procured as a Right of Way by John Deighton a few years ago), then right onto the path from Aske Hall and so reaching Gilling West without having to use the pathless section of the busy Gilling Road.  After a coffee break in warm sunshine in Gilling, we headed along Waters Lane to the Junction with the ancient pack-horse trail of Jagger Lane – once serving ancient lead mines around Hartforth and beyond to Swaledale.  The hamlet of Hartforth is a much more affluent place these days, with restored cottages and barns, manicured gardens and mown greens and verges where lunch was taken.

After lunch, more easy field paths back to Gilling, then the pleasant stream-side path along Gilling beck before reaching Gascoigne Farm and on to Skeeby via Olliver Lane.

A pleasant 7.5 mile stroll on a warm, sunny day.

Richard Wright

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