Seathwaite: Base Brown and Green Gable

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-30

It was a poor day weather-wise.  The forecast promised hill fog with rain coming in after midday; unlike the weekend before this, when Alan, Sarah and I had recced this route.  The weather then was sunny, with good visibility, and we have some superb photos to prove it!
Today, Len and Ray, two of our older SOC members, met me at Seathwaite.  Near the top of Sour Milk Gill we put on waterproof jackets, as the fine Lakeland drizzle started and the mist dropped.  We took a little-used path up Hanging Stone, an interesting and more direct route to the summit of Base Brown.
Into full waterproofs now, with moisture coming from above and from the bog at our feet!  Ray and I spotted some beautiful red, yellow and green mosses, probably more distinctive because of the ‘atmospheric’ lighting.
In the thickening mist and strengthening wind and rain, it was reassuring to see the cairns looming up on the path as we made our way to the summit of Green Gable.  A welcome lunch was eaten in the ‘shelter’ there.  Due to the increasing strength of the wind and rain, Great Gable was not an option today, so we made our way down Aaron Slack to Styhead Tarn, and then back to Seathwaite.
Tricia and Ray approaching the summit of Hanging Stone, looking across Gillercomb in the mist, towards Raven Crag.
My thanks to Len and Ray for making the journey, despite the poor weather forecast.  I did reassure them that the superb views really were there, and will be awaiting their next visit.

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