Round The World Update

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2019-12-22

We received this message from Trevor Thurlow on 16 December -

Arrived safe and sound here in Fremantle. Actually a couple of days earlier than we expected providing a 12 night break before we set sail again on the 22nd. Certainly needed this extended rest period after the trials and tribulations of Leg 2 and our reduced stopover time in Cape Town.

Leg 3 had a pretty notorious reputation so it is a good one to have behind us. To be fair even though we had a couple of multi-day storms and 10m waves it wasn’t too bad. We round the worlders were toughened up by our Leg 2 experience though l think that the new leggers got a bit of a shock.

I have now sailed over15,000 miles since leaving London on 1 September and have reached the other side of the world which is hard to believe. Just need to sail home now.

We will be at sea on Christmas Day and New Years Eve so l would just like to close by wishing all my friends at SOC a great festive season.

Kind regards,


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