More Dreams.... Penhill. 9 July 2020

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2020-07-12

More Dreams.... Penhill. 9 July 2020

Dreams do come true (again). This is about climbing up to Penhill and (hopefully) rejoicing in the grand vistas of the dales. The morning did not hold a lot of promise - the usual grizzle that has described recent days. Five of us embarked on the walk, led by Trevor Thurlow (lean, bronzed, alpha; the usual; but I was delighted to meet up with him again), and chased by a second group under the leadership of Frank Broughton. We were joined by a new club member Mark from Hartlepool. The route is a familiar one - West Witton, via Capple Bank, Penhill Farm, up to Little Pehill, along the ridge, descent via Black Scar, Morpath Gates and a return by the Knights Templars Chapel and Langthwaite Lane. We were fortunate to enjoy Penhill in reasonable weather i.e. something to look at. I always enjoy visiting the Templars' Chapel. It is one of those places where I wish I could travel back in time and witness this place in its historic setting. The graves transfix. They are a reminder of how small (on average) men of the medieval period were. I would have felt very average then. I still do. Of course, the joy of the return was to assemble at the Three Horse Shoes and toast a great walk with ample amounts of Semerwater. There is a reassuring security in the familiar. Many thanks Trevor and Frank.



P.S. Could we have more walk reports, photos (anything) to demonstrate that we are are all well and so is the SOC!

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