Life in a Bubble 7 April 2020

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2020-04-08

Then there were two of us....

The world may have stopped, nature does not and it beckoned the two of us to escape the bubble, get our boots on and rejoice in what nature in Spring has to offer. A lot! We are indeed privileged to live amid such beauty and the current crisis was an opportunity to explore our own locality in detail. We walked paths and tracks for the first time despite being resident in Gayles for almost 13 years! We encountered barely a soul. This was a refreshing 10 miler taking in the becks that run from Dalton through Ravensworth, Hartforth to Gilling; picnic by the water's edge on banks ablaze with colour; then a climb up from Hartforth following Jagger Lane and into the refreshing cool of Gilling Wood. We paused by the plague stone on Richmond Road expecting to see toilet rolls to have been left rather than loaves of bread; then up to the moor top which echoed to the song of skylark and curlew followed by a descent into Gayles to a cold beer in a cottage garden.....O so privileged when I consider the stricken lives of others.

We must try and plot this route using the new OS kit and Geoff's instructions. It will probably take me longer than the walk.

Cheers everyone. Take care. See you soon.

Graham & Glenys


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