Leyburn Shawl and Wensley 3 August 2017

Posted by Geoff Wall on 2017-08-15

Leyburn Shawl and Wensley – Thursday 3rd August

The day was typical of this summer i.e. drizzle, squally showers but sunny intervals. Five of us gathered to do a route along Leyburn Shawl, down past Bolton Hall, along the river to Wensley and hence back into Leyburn.

This was meant to be the reconnaissance walk, because the walk is part of the Walking and Books Festival in September, although unfortunately Richard was not able to be with us because of illness. Because of this I moved up from being "trainee back marker" to leader!

Because of this we took more notice than usual of the interpretation board as we entered the Shawl. Everybody expressed interest in the Tea Fairs that had been held on the Shawl in the mid 19th century. Further along the Shawl we came to a small panorama orientation board that I don't think any of us had troubled to look at before. This enabled us to identify lots of highpoints on the distant skyline that we had not previously been able to name. It also made as wonder whether there is interesting walking on the skyline along the far side of Coverdale? Caroline may well look at this for the walk she is planning for the next programme.

Having dropped down off the Shawl to Tullis Cote we descended a path to a very interesting set of  mill ruins, albeit complete enough to be very interesting in terms of their scale, and the possibility that the mill had moved from being a Watermill to a steam powered mill at some stage. Well worth a detour for any industrial archaeologists in the Club!

Walking through a rapid succession of showers and sunny intervals we descended past Bolton Hall, over Lords Bridge and along the pleasant riverside path to Wensley Bridge. From here it was a straightforward walk over the fields and back to Leyburn.


Geoff Wall

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