Kettleness 29 April 2012

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2012-05-11


Kettleness  April 29th


I recce’d this little gem of a walk during the March heat wave and looked forward to repeating it with the walking group. It had a lot going for it; interesting geology and mining history along the heritage coast, an excellent woodland section through the Mulgrave estate and finally some pleasant rolling farmland to complete the circle. April 29th, well that’s almost May and on a fine spring day the walk promised to be brilliant. The cliff tops would provide interesting sea and skyscapes, the woodlands would be bursting with birdsong and the first flush of spring flowers, ……etc!


A pity then that, as it turned out, Noah could have launched his Ark during April 2012 and the 29th might well have been his favourite day! Rain, light at first, became heavy, lashing, driven. Stirred up by cold, onshore north easterlies the sea looked grey and angry. The wind howled like a wild day in winter and there were no interesting skyscapes - unless you have a particular liking for shades of grey. Neither were there any seabirds; they’d gone to port or drydock or wherever seabirds go to when things turn nasty. The woodlands dripped, the birds took a break from singing and the flowers took a beating …… you get the picture.


Two sodden walkers returned to their car and headed for a pub … with a fire!

Thanks for turning out Len. One to try again next year.


Bruce Stainsby

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