Hawnby Walk 27 November 2017

Posted by Linda Heywood on 2016-12-01

 Hawnby Walk  27.11.17

Seven stalwarts and leader met for an early start at Hawnby church with the expectation of a good stride of 12.5 miles and improving weather prospects.

Bob led us south  over  Hawnby bridge, where we turned left to cross  “clarty” fields to follow the River Rye. We ascended to   the deciduous Cliff  wood,  eventually dropping down  alongside the river. At one stage the leaves and steep muddy banks, necessitated crossing a wooden walkway, which in itself proved treacherous.

Whilst, appreciating the remaining autumnal colours, the bare trees afforded a clear view of the beautiful, Cistercian Rievaulx Abbey. Established in the 12th century it became one of the wealthiest in England, a vibrant educational and industrial centre - trading in wool and iron   before dissolution in the 16th century. It is now managed by English Heritage.

We continued onto Ashberry farm, swinging north westwards, passing large fish and duck ponds we had our picnic lunches in a gazebo style -shooting lodge complete with barbeque and   plastic Peregrine Falcon.

Onwards through Spring wood to open farmland to head   for   Cold Kirby. After   reaching Murton Grange farm we enjoyed one of the most picturesque views in the North York Moors across the Ryedale valley overlooking Hawnby.  We crossed the road to descend into the valley, catching a glimpse of a short eared owl in flight. Before approaching Sunny Dale Farm we passed the derelict house with its authoritarian Yorkshire instruction to “Look round and get out”, before crossing a stream   to reach our start point.

The Inn at Hawnby beckoned and we sat, before a roaring fire, ­putting the world to rights through “interesting times”!


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