Grinton Moor (Back to form) 21 October 2018

Posted by Richard Wright on 2018-11-12

21 Oct 2018 – Grinton Moor (Back to form)

I hope those of you who didn’t come on my walk enjoyed the lovely sunny, mild autumn day in Richmond and elsewhere.  Unfortunately myself and those select few who did attend didn’t.

My last walk, in May, was – for a change – blessed with great weather, but my October Grinton walk was a return to form:  leaving the sun behind in Richmond, we left the car park above the cattle grid and headed into mirk and driving light drizzle.  I was joined by Brian, Yvonne, Patrick, Anne L, Graham B and new member, Leonie, and we had all donned full waterproofs (except Patrick – in shorts, of course) by the time we had a brief stop to look round the interesting remains of Grinton smelt mill.

As we pressed on up Smales Gill into driving drizzle and low cloud, my earlier promise of a coffee stop in the sunshine with lovely views from Height of Greets was obviously not going to happen.  In honour of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix, being held on that day, I therefore decided on a 3-stop strategy with pit-stop 1: a coffee break taken a little early behind the wall of a ruined mine building alongside Ridley Hush.  Height of Greets was then reached with views extending all of 50 yds all round.  Nevertheless, the obligatory photo stop was made on the way down the other side into Apedale.   At the cross-roads of bridleways at Dent’s Houses the old cottages – now shooting party shelter – provided a much more comfortable pit-stop for an earlyish lunch complete with dining table and chairs, and a visitors book where Brian recorded our gratitude for our escape from the weather.  With some food and drink saved for later, stage 3 now commenced.  We headed up Apedale and over Whitaside Moor onto the Southern flank of Swaledale then, with no improvement in the weather, but at least now with the wind and drizzle on our backs, trudged on along the vehicle track to the shooting hut at the top of Browna Gill.  Here the final pit-stop took place with afternoon tea (ie, left-overs from lunch) enjoyed again indoors with proper tables and chairs.  On leaving the hut about 2.30pm, the time - according to the BBC morning forecast – when the rain was due to start, it stopped!

So the walk finished in relatively pleasant conditions and good views, and then even more pleasant refreshments and conviviality at the Dales Bike Centre.

Richard Wright.

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