Glasgow; West Highland Way 2010

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-05-19

Ten SOC members gathered in Milngavie railway station car park for the start of a wonderful walk from the outskirts of Glasgow in Lowland Scotland to Fort William in the Highlands, the West Highland Way.


Thanks to beautiful weather conditions we enjoyed magnificent views of some of Scotland’s giant mountains, although the hot weather did give rise to some giant blisters! There were four Rogers Glenys, Graham, Lyn and Steve, two Stephens and two Grahams. We learnt a lot about each other as we walked the 95miles and drank almost as many different single malt whiskies! Glenys is a Morris Dancer with attitude, Uncle Graham is a smooth pool player and Steve Charlton can produce the sound of a treble trumpet without an instrument! Carol Charlton is a mean tap dancer and Sid is taking lessons to improve his guitar playing. Graham Moss was the only ‘peak bagger’ amongst us but who can blame him diverting off route to climb Ben Lui on a clear sunny day.  Lyn and Steve Rogers were the only ones energetic enough to climb to the top of Conic Hill overlooking Loch Lomond and they won’t let us forget it!!  Graham Moss and Lyn and Steve climbed Ben Nevis as a finale.

James did sterling work as bag carrier but confused all our fellow WHW walkers by appearing half way through each day walking towards them. Finally they gave in and asked him whether he was the spirit of the WHW or something and from then on he was greeted as the” contrarian”.  Thanks to Steve Rogers who spotted the wildlife for us and thanks to a great bunch of people for a week of sheer enjoyment (apart from the blisters!)


A slide show of our walk will be put together for the autumn so come to the clubhouse to enjoy a “taste” of Scotland, as long as we can agree on which malt will be on sale!

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