Easby, Skeeby and Aske

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-02-06

Easby, Skeeby and Aske


Eight hardy members (Ann L, Brian, Caroline, Frank, Gwyneth and Richard) braved a cloudy, drizzly morning to meet in the Market Place for a later than usual 11.00 am start for a stroll around the environs of Richmond ahead of the SOC AGM scheduled for later that afternoon.


We headed down to the Station and along the old railway line to Easby then took the old Coffin Lane to St Trinian’s Quarry and crossed the occasionally muddy fields around Union House to reach Skeeby.  I had planned a coffee cum lunch stop in the quarry but Richard and Gwyneth kindly offered to shelter us from the rain as we would be passing their front door.  As it happened, the drizzle had stopped by the time we reached Skeeby and there was even a patch of blue sky so we opted to have our picnic in the garden.  Having removed her muddy boots, Gwyneth found the temptation of a relaxing afternoon at home was too strong to resist so we continued without her.


We left Skeeby via Olliver Lane and crossed over more (muddy) fields to Laneside Farm and then across grassy (and not so muddy) fields to reach Aske Hall. By this time the sun was shining and the afternoon was a complete contrast to the morning.  We passed in front of the hall and struck out through woodland and fields to cross the golf course.  At this point Frank decided to take a longer route back via the old race course and then Ann and Caroline split off at Green Howards Road in order to finish their preparations for refreshments ahead of the AGM.  The remaining four of us walked along Green Howards Road with views over the town and then down the snicket to reach Quakers Lane.  We pointed Brian towards Westfields where his car was parked and so only 3 out of the 8 starters arrived back in the Market Place in good time to enjoy sandwiches, scones, cake, a hot drink and the AGM. 


Pat Kassell

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