Downholme Loop 15 February 2018

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2018-02-19

Downholme Loop 15 02 2018

We welcomed Kieran and Peter to our motley group of ten for the walk to Downholme and back. I thought it one of the most enjoyable I've been on because of the weather : sun,sleet,rain,snow, and gale force wind gave wonderfully varied views of the dale. On Westfields we spotted a beautifully turned out Bullfinch frolicking with his harem ( thank you, Richard ). Along White Earth edge we looked back at the storm clouds and snow shower approaching, some of which turned up towards Walburn and some cut across to Marske beck. Unfortunately some hit us but it helped to blow us up the hill!

Our meticulously laid plans to meet Jeff on Westfields didn't work out well but he found us at Marske. He'd been walking ahead of us the whole time.

Taking Yvonne's advice we lunched in the shelter of Downholme bridge rather than at the vista overlooking Downholme. The sun tempted us to take off our gloves to eat - an error Izzy and I regretted for some time after.

The weather meant that the two gills at Hudswell had turned into delightful cascading waterfalls. I noted that everyone's boots were waterproof - upto a point. And the mud got washed off pretty well.

The descent of The Steps was delayed while the boys checked out the opening times of the George and Dragon ( nothing doing). We debated whether to finish by taking the Round How path or the road and by an overwhelming vote the remoaners took the high road leaving the quitters to negotiate the tricky muddy path. [There must be a moral there somewhere.]


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