Cross Bank 14 July 2016

Posted by John Deighton on 2016-07-21
Cross Bank 14 July 2016
I have never seen the trig point (at 236 meters) before so it is a "first" for me. Only Maura and I were on the expedition but the sun was shining and all was well with the world.


We left the car at Pinkers Pond and noted the presence of lots of Coot, Mallard and Lapwing on and around the pond which had probably about 10 inches of water in it. Last time we saw the pond it was dry with no bird life at all.

 We moved off, following a vague track up into the quarry and up steeply onto Ever Bank. Here we went north, getting under the white painted fences until we reached the fence which forms a boundary for the "Access land" marked yellow on our OS map. Although an OS trig. point was shown we  were not really expecting one to be there as the OS now do everything with computers and satellites nowadays and many trig points have been removed.         

 We found a very fine trig point however at 236 ft. above sea level ------not a big mountain by any means but what quality. We photographed each other and returned to the car by a rather more direct route, rather easier walking as the long grass had been cut. 
As everyone knows Middleham Moor is a racehorse training ground but as we were there in the afternoon we saw no horses at all --------possibly poor planning on our part.
John Deighton

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