Coledale Round

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2011-10-14


Coledale  Round – 17/07/2011


Rob Mc and I were the only ones that turned out on a very wet day in Richmond Market Place. We had to go to Braithwaite since Rob had put it in the programme as an alternative meeting place. We donned our waterproofs in the café vestibule at the campsite and set out in a steady downpour. However, by the time we reached the top of Grisedale Pike the rain abated, and the weather greatly improved by the time we crossed over Crag Hill and down the newly constructed path on Sail. At the saddle, we continued down to High Moss round Outerside, and back to Braithwaite. A fine end to what had been a poor start. Thanks Rob. 


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