Cod Beck

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2009-08-20

Our luck with the weather had run out! It was an unpredictable day, with rain forecast. We were joined by no other children, which was a shame, but Len and Joan, and two teachers (Lesley) new to SOC walks were entertained by T the whole way round. Simon and I try to stay out of her imaginary world sometimes, to have a rest but these lovely companions just relished in it and encouraged her. So we were soon all characters of Harry Potter and following the trail of unicorn blood (aka bird feathers) through the wet muddy woods. Her magic stick guided us the best route round some muddy areas. It was a slow slog with Lily not playing ball much. Once we reached the top path, Drovers Track, it had really started to rain, and the wind blew in our faces as we trudged back to the stream crossing near Cod Beck where we had lunch, in a few minutes rest in rainfall! We could have dropped out at this point as I had planned a figure-of-eight route knowing the weather, but, no, despite Len and Joan heading off to buy lunch at the pub, we set off again, this time over the open moor. No sooner had we got onto the path, it began to look so ominous, heavy black clouds soon poured rain on us and the wind blew again, poor Lily, on daddy’s shoulders, saying: “ I don’t want to come here again daddy!” It even kept T quiet for a while too! Once the sun came out again we were walking along a nice track drying out in the wind when we saw Len and Joan emerging up the track from Osmotherley, having been well refreshed in the pub and they had stayed dry! They felt guilty, too right! ANYWAY, T’s magic stick guided us back across fields as a slight short cut as we were so fed up of the rain and wind. Mind you, there were so few black clouds left now!
We found our way slowly through the overgrown, untrampled path back down to the road.  T kept everyone in character, Len, being Ron Weasley, frightened her with his pet rat (aka Hanky) as he pulled it form his pocket.  Despite the weather I think everyone had enjoyed being in T’s Harry Potter world for a day, just hope we didn’t frighten them off returning to walk with the SOC! Luckily, being teachers, they saw the joy of it all. Thank you again for good company and a fun walk. Look out for the next adventure in your programme!

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