Coalsgarthdale 7 May 2020

Posted by Pat Kassell on 2020-05-10

Coalsgarthdale 7 May 2020

I donned my shorts for the first time this year on another sunny day in lockdown and headed off for a solitary walk as Ron was busy with his lockdown project of building a shed cum summerhouse at the bottom of the garden.

I crossed the fields from Green Howards Road onto the old racecourse where I saw only three distant figures.  It appears that early afternoon is not prime dog walking time!  I left the racecourse, crossing fields and descended into Coalsgarthdale where the gorse was in full bloom.  There were also lots of primroses along the wall at the edge of the woodland on the southern side of the valley. 

The derelict farmhouse halfway along the dale was the inspiration for Peter Robinson’s novel, Before the Poison.  Several years ago Ron and I joined the walk that he led in Coalsgarthdale for the Richmond Walking and Book festival when he talked about the book.

At Coalsgarth Gate I turned left and headed along the track to join Hurgill Road next to Beacon Cottage and then I rejoined the racecourse near High Gingerfield Lodge.  By this time the dog walkers were out in force but there is plenty of room for more than adequate social distancing up here on Low Moor.

I enjoyed the walk so much that I persuaded Ron to abandon his shed building yesterday and we walked the route in reverse,  extending it slightly by heading up Westfields and taking the track next to Whitcliffe Farm to reach Beacon Cottage on Hurgill Road.  It was another hot and sunny day.  I think this was the first time that we had walked along Coalsgarthdale back to the racecourse: for some reason we have always previously walked along it from the racecourse!

Pat Kassell

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