A Circular Walk from Osmotherley – 12 December 2019

Posted by Geoff Wall on 2019-12-22

A Circular Walk from Osmotherley – 12 December 2019

Eight of us were out on this walk starting in Osmotherley.  Thanks to Jill for standing in when Judith was unable to lead.  It was great to see Ian out on the walk, his first for some time.

To say the least it was “brisk” up on the tops. Having made our way from the village up to Sheepwash the initial plan was to do a clockwise circuit across the moor to Square Corner and come back into Osmotherley by the Cleveland Way from the south.  Because conditions on the moor were very cold with driving rain the group readily agreed to Jill’s suggested Plan B which saw us drop down out of the wind onto Forest tracks, circling back the other way round to make a most enjoyable circuit via the Cleveland Way coming from the north.

This gave us the opportunity to stop off at Lady Chapel on the way back into the village.  Many of the group had not visited this before, or had not been for many years, so it was interesting to learn something of its history.  It is the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Grace and dates back to the 15th Century, having been built then by the monks of Mount Grace.  Ian recounted some of its current importance as a place of pilgrimage each year.  The current buildings were restored from their previous ruinous state during the 20th Century and it now continues as an important place of Catholic worship.  Well worth a visit.  Our picture is of the group outside the chapel.  We followed the entrance track which is set out with Stations of the Cross and descended back to our starting point and warming drinks in the Three Tuns.

Geoff Wall

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