Brompton on Swale 22 March 2018

Posted by Graham Rogers on 2018-04-10

Brompton on Swale Walk 22 March 2018

Three of us walked down to Round How to follow the river to the Station to meet Richard, Pat and Brian. It was perfect hiking weather. Walking past the treatment works we climbed up to Hagg Farm for a quick coffee then on to Old Colburn. We kept up a quick pace as we tripped on to St Giles Farm where we took the diversion along the farm drive to the main road in order to cross the A1.

The banking was still being worked on as we crossed the river and walked along the bank to the cataracts for lunch.

From Skeeby Beck we joined the railway line to Broken Brae then crossed the road for the path beside the caravan park gates. At Easby Yvonne gave us a good demonstration of the Echo Stone.

Leaving the trio at the Station and Yvonne for shopping, Barry and I walked along the river cleverly avoiding the permissive path problem to arrive back at the start.

14 miles by 3.20 including three breaks - Marathon pace!


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