Askrigg & Askrigg Common Thursday 23rd March 2017

Posted by Steve Charlton on 2017-04-04

Askrigg & Askrigg Common Thursday 23rd March

There had been substantial rain the previous day preceded by several inches of snow.    However, the forecast was good for the walk as 13 of us gathered at Askrigg Church. We had researched the walk in December when the weather was stormy and we had encountered ferocious conditions on the moor. Thankfully, today was calm and pleasant.

The rain from the previous day soon became evident as we needed to skirt round some flooded fields on our way down to the river Ure. There was plenty of water in the river which was flowing swiftly. We made our to Woodhall via Nappa Mill and enjoyed a coffee break before beginning the climb on to the moor. We enjoyed great views as we climbed up to Beldhaw Hill and managed a sheltered spot for lunch in very pleasant Spring sunshine.

The track became more indistinct and there was a lot of wet snow to be negotiated – care was needed as the snow had hidden the nature of the terrain which was quite tricky to negotiate. A few of our party mentioned that they had got more than they had bargained for. We had a break and Barbara initiated a snowball fight !

We reached the road and there was a pleasant descent of a mile or so into Askrigg, taking in views of Semerwater in the distance. The party split into two in Askrigg  - those who wanted to go to the Kings Arms whilst others headed for the more boring option of a tea shop!

An excellent walk in interesting conditions !

Carol & Steve Charlton

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