Appletreewick & Simon’s Seat – Thursday 26 April 2018

Posted by Trevor Thurlow on 2018-05-20

Appletreewick & Simon’s Seat – Thursday 26 April 2018

Alison Brooks and Graham Moss joined me for this walk in typical April weather; intermittent showers, sunshine and a brisk cooling breeze.

Setting off from the free parking, always a good start to the day, at Barden Bridge we entered the Duke of Devonshire’s Bolton Abbey Estate and followed the River Wharf to the attractive castellated aqueduct. After a short and steep uphill walk we were soon out on the moors and heading for our first objective of the day: Simon’s Seat. Spurning the ‘regular’ route up through the Valley of Desolation, we followed an initially thin path alongside the forest wall before meeting the track coming up from Howgill.

Leaving the shelter of the forest we were then exposed to a freshening cool breeze, to put it mildly, as we passed through The Devil’s Apronful finally clambering up the grit-stone rocks onto the summit of Simon’s Seat. This is a fabulous 360-degree panoramic viewpoint that deserves to be savoured. But not on this day due to our being met by a heavy windblown shower making our (my) attempt at a 3 person selfie for Graham Rogers and the website less than successful. Note to self: more training required.

Making our way initially steeply down a much improved and partially paved path we me the intake walls at Dalehead Farm. Having waited behind the gate for his flock of sheep to pass we experienced a real Yorkshire rarity: a farmer with a sense of humour. “Well did you count em?’ he quipped with a broad smile on his face. Unfortunately not as it would have made a cracking SOC Quiz question – with Alison and Graham having a real and deserved advantage.

After following the minor roads to Ap-Trick (Appletreewick) we came across a clever sign – look at the photo carefully, providing the day’s website photo opportunity. A pleasant riverside walk with an abundance of interesting flora and fauna then took us back to our starting point.

Thanks to Alison and Graham for your company on this thoroughly enjoyable walk.


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