“A Richmond Ramble” – Sunday 4 February 2018

Posted by Trevor Thurlow on 2018-02-07

“A Richmond Ramble” – Sunday 4 February 2018

Following the steady rain and generally miserable weather of the previous day it was good to see the sun shining brightly as we gathered at Richmond Market Place for a repeat of my 2017 pre-Annual General Meeting walk. It went well last year so why change a winning formula? 

Following the usual round of introductions, and a well supported plea from Carol and Steve, that we needed to be back by 4pm in order for them to open the bar, 13 of us set off for the first stage of the walk which took us along Castle Walk high above the Swale.

Any concerns that 13 was an unlucky number were soon put to rest as we collected Alison, the first latecomer, as planned as we came out of Millgate on our way down to The Station and the start of the path which would take us to Easby Abbey. Progress being slightly delayed as we passed and greeted a number of dog walking neighbours and SOC’s very own Dave Thompson.

Easby Churchyard was a sight to behold with its sea of snowdrops glowing brightly in the bright sunlight. Having enjoyed this welcome sign that “Spring is just around the corner” (it could be a very big corner judging by the weather as I write this) we put the sunshine to good use by stopping for morning coffee in the Abbey grounds.

Refreshed and in excellent spirits we then followed the riverside path, always an enjoyable experience, along to Richmond Falls for our lunch and a planned rendezvous with Liz and her daughter. 

It was now 1pm and time for the first rumblings in relation to “will we be able to complete the walk in time to get back to open the bar – never mind in time for the AGM?” I don’t normally need much encouragement to slightly increase the pace so this was a perfect opportunity to quickly walk off some of those lunchtime calories as we set off briskly for Round Howe. Apparently Graham and one or two co-conspirators tried to shuffle off to the pub at Hudswell on-route and needed to be shepherded back in by Frank. Proving to be a good choice as the new Section Organiser if I may say so.

The failities at Round Howe car park were put to good use as the ladies in the party ably demonstrated just how much value can be secured from 20 pence – good Yorkshire Lasses one and all. I just hope that Seb is not reading this. Having now lost a fair amount of the time that we had just made up, we set off for Applegarth and the turn for home. Now in a mixture of drizzle followed by bright sunshine we enjoyed a bit of a mud fest before climbing up to join the Coast to Coast path for the pleasant walk back through Whitecliff Woods and down to Richmond – arriving at Newbiggin at 3:30pm. Oh yea of little faith….. 

A good walk enjoyed by all – thanks for your company.


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