SOC First Ever Family Ceilidh

Posted by Swaledale Outdoor Club on 2010-10-09

I must admit I had my doubts about how this evening was going to work out, as just a few weeks before people were being plagued by me to purchase their tickets as they had said they would support such an event and yet very few actually committed by buying a ticket in advance. Sorry if I panicked a bit – there was no real need to!

BUT WOW! It was a fabulous evening and everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the good atmosphere, music talents and accommodating music maestro for the evening: Tony Hill. 56 people came and started to dance immediately 5.30 came and went, as Tony was speedy at setting up and began with a few pop songs and a game of musical chairs for the kids to settle us all in.

Then came the ceilidh; despite the good sized hall we still seemed a little squashed in when we danced. But children and adults alike danced and enjoyed themselves, learning new dances together and making a mess of some, but no-one really cared. There was much laughter and eagerness to dance with the favoured person next time round with very few breaks for a rest.

After 3 dances we did break for the buffet tea we had all contributed to, and to start with I thought – “Oh No! there’s no main parts of the food left for adults!” and we frantically cut up all the pizzas, sausage rolls etc into bite-sized pieces to share them around (Thanks Jenny). Then walked in Alison and Astrid with their arms full: the pizza and chicken bites saviours! And we found many more sausage rolls on the bench! In the end, we all had a good selection of food and began dancing again.

We had a further hour of dancing that left many of us exhausted and red-faced. Tony was brave trying a basket with children but it worked well in my group. A few other new dances came with much confusion - amazing how messy we all got with the ring of 7 dance. It wasn’t helped by the fact that there were many girls being boys and ladies being men!

It was sad to have to end it all so very quickly – or so it seemed. Maybe 2.5 hours next time? Thank you to everyone who helped make the evening a success by bringing food, helping with food distribution and helping clear up at the end. I’d also like to thank the honest folk who kept paying the £1 for their drinks by leaving money in a tub as the accounts were dead right at the end of the evening! Amazing! See you all - and more next year?

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