Pub Games Evening

Posted by Barbara Gravenor on 2010-03-23

The clubhouse was full of games and competitors expressing joy and dismay as 7 teams pitched their skills against each other in the annual pub games evening.

Liz Corner was the undisputed champion at bagatelle while the Charltons made a flying start on the finger billiards. Several people, notably Patrick Pridmore and Richard Wright, betrayed a misspent youth on the table football while John Hallett hooped a win for his team under considerable pressure from the opposition. Liz and Simon battled on despite an injured shoulder and a bad cold respectively.

In the end, Liz Corner’s team won a closely fought contest. Could this have been because this year Paul was competing without the handicap of his arm in plaster?

Many thanks to all the competitors for coming and displaying a wonderful sporting attitude. Hopefully the table footballer will have recovered from his injury by next year!!

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